The Independent Panel  set up to review the Kiwis 2017 Rugby League World Cup Campaign reported on 16 March.

Panel Chair Tim Castle and his co – panellist Raelene Castle’s report pulled no punches. However Tim also commented;

“We took this task on with the objective of putting everything and everyone under scrutiny, so that there could be a constructive analysis to the best advantage of the sport going forwards.”

While critical of a number of things within the governance and particularly high performance management of the NZRL, including poor decisions leading up to the World Cup itself, it is the Panel’s detailed and structured recommendations which really stand out and which were immediately welcomed by the NZRL Board Chair and Acting CEO.

Tim and Raelene’s report focussed on

  • Improving and documenting High performance Plans and Programs;
  • Securing advanced knowledge expertise and leadership for the NZRL with documented job descriptions;
  • Specifically improving the support for the Head Coach but opening up selection to non New Zealanders;
  • Updating player selection policies and procedures;
  • Reviewing communications policies and improving relationships between NZRL and elite players and prospects;
  • The urgent need to review the NZRL governance structure and consider recruiting High Performance Sport expertise including at Board level.

Read the detailed report summary here ( )

Tim Castle was pleased to have been asked to assist in this Review. His particular knowledge and skills both as a prominent lawyer with high performance sport management experience and athlete manager/agent placed him in a unique position to get to grips not only with the legal and governance aspects but also what makes elite players tick – or not.  Tim always applies this depth of experience in all his work, including his sport management work; and his clients are assured of getting the very best and most pragmatic advice in how to progress their careers and their life skills.