Tim Castle accredited agent of the NZRPA

Tim Castle is an accredited agent of the NZRPA.

What does this mean for Tim’s clients?

Firstly – what is the NZRPA?

According to its website:

“The New Zealand Rugby Players Association (NZRPA) was founded by New Zealand’s professional rugby players as their independent representative body in 1999 and is governed by a board of current and past, male and female professional players and independent board members governing body

Through the NZRPA, the players work with the game’s administration to address issues of importance to players and the ongoing development of the game, including negotiating the Collective Employment Agreement (CEA) between the professional players and New Zealand Rugby, Super Rugby clubs and Provincial Unions. The NZRPA helps players support each other, helps them take advantage of commercial opportunities and helps them understand and deal with life as professional sportspeople, and ensures they have an organised and credible voice at the decision-making table.”


Secondly – who can be an NZRPA Accredited Agent?

An applicant must be able to demonstrate to NZRPA and New Zealand Rugby that they have the knowledge, integrity, competence and professionalism to justify being classified as an Accredited Agent, and they must agree in writing to a Charter to maintain these standards at all times.

The purpose of the Charter is to ensure advice and support is given in a way that the NZRPA believes protects the interests of players and is fair and reasonable to those wishing to provide such services to players.

Accredited Agents are subject to rules and regulations under the Charter relating to conduct, confidentiality, knowledge, information disclosure, independence and undue influence, record keeping, fees, dealing with players under 21, complaints and penalties, and dispute resolution.

The NZRPA recommends that players use an NZRPA Accredited Agent.

It is important to consider whether the person handling your contract has a comprehensive knowledge of how the rugby system in New Zealand works, including player contracting, world rugby eligibility and international release provisions, taxation obligations, payment structures and incentives provisions, the player savings scheme and the Collective Employment Agreement.

Nobody better represents these skills, knowledge and background than Tim Castle.

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